Winners of the “Social impact of youth projects” prize

On Friday, June 13, in a ceremony at the close of the forum, Diana Bracco, Bracco Foundation president, awarded the prize to Cristina Cerri and Nicola di Niccolo, first and second placed in the “Social impact of youth projects” competition.

The winners were chosen from a shortlist of four candidates by the Scientific Committee (click here to know more about the prize!).

Cristina, born in 1987, originally from Sardinia but now living in Turin, won a cash prize of €3000 and a six-month stage with Accenture with her thesis “Inside microcredit – Micro-entrepreneurial pathways in Guinea-Bissau”. She analysed microcredit as an effective financial instrument for development, specifically in Guinea-Bissau, and for the emancipation of new generations.

Nicola, 23, from Puglia won the second prize, the chance of a six-month stage in a leading professional services company.>

His thesis, entitled “Youth unemployment: little flexibility in the offer or insufficient demand? A study among the young”, was an in-depth field study in the city of Trani into the attitude of young people to work. It collected worrying data and reflected on new policies for motivating and reawakening aspiration and enthusiasm among the so-called passive young unemployed.

We welcome Cristina and Nicola into our Diventerò community!


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