Art and Technology account of a public-private partnership to promote the heritage of the Musei di Strada Nuova

The commitment of Bracco Foundation for the Municipality of Genoa – Culture and Tourism Department – to promote the noble residences of the Genoa Musei di Strada Nuova continues. The project, which makes use of the know-how of Montalbano Technology, was created to ensure adequate preservation of the works of art exposed to environmental agents, using new technologies.

The network of wireless sensors created for environmental monitoring of the works also makes it possible to equip the Museum with Wi-Fi coverage: Internet access marks a revolution in the Museum experience which thus becomes active and with greater participation.

Visitors can be guided in the exploration of the artistic heritage, experience the works of art, see details of them, and also publicise them on social networks.

The Project recounts a public-private partnership for the promotion of the museum heritage: the Museum moves from being a place of contemplation to a sensitive organism that finds its clearest mission in the interaction between visitors and works of art.

Speakers will be: Piero Boccardo Director Musei di Strada Nuova

Diana Bracco President of Bracco Foundation

Giuseppe Oriana President of Montalbano Technology

Alfonso Fuggetta Ordinary Prof at the Milan Polytechnic and Managing Director of Cefriel

Carla Sibilla Culture and Tourism Councillor, Municipality of Genoa


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