Francesco, one of our “Diventerò” members, gains the Specialisation in Medical Physics diploma

Francesco Ria, a member of the Bracco Foundation “Diventerò” community since 2012, has been awarded the Specialisation in Medical Physics at the Milan Università degli Studi.

Francesco has completed a long course of studies, culminating in a two-year training apprenticeship at the CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano, made possible by the support of the Foundation. He presented to the Commission his thesis entitled “Implementation of a Registration and Dose Monitoring System for Digital Radiological Examinations”.

In addition to his final thesis, the development of the project allowed Francesco to present four scientific works on the subject at important national congresses, in particular two reports at the eighth Congress of the AIFM, the Italian Medical Physics Association, last November in Turin, and to presented during the 46th Congress of SIRM, the Italian Medical Radiology Society, held in Florence from May 22-25, 2014.

Francesco dedicates the final page of his thesis to thanks, and we would like to quote the opening paragraph, which clearly shows the value of the training received in the past two years by the young physicist, and is for the Foundation the best answer to what has been done with progettoDiventerò – Bracco Foundation for the Young.

“I had the good fortune to meet Bracco Foundation and the Centro Diagnostico Italiano right at the time when other bodies had decided to offer me no more chances for growth. To Bracco Foundation and the Centro Diagnostico Italiano my thanks for allowing me to do a job I like without having to plead for it. Offering a chance is the best kind of gift. The best kind of teaching to transmit is asking for nothing in exchange.”

We hope with all our hearts that Francesco will always be able to express the eclectic passion that drives him in his life and work.


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