Constantine 313 A.D. Exhibition opens with a focus on Helena: Mother, Empress and Saint

The Constantine 313 A.D. exhibition, of which Bracco Foundation is Main Partner, was designed by the Diocesan Museum and staged in the Palazzo Reale. The exhibition celebrates the anniversary of the issuing in 313 DC of the “Edict of Milan” by the Western Roman Emperor Constantine and his counterpart in the East, Licinius. It declared Christianity, after centuries of persecution, legal and so began a period of religious tolerance and great political and cultural innovation.

The exhibition in Palazzo Reale is divided into six sections with more than 200 valuable archaeological and artistic finds to give an in-depth picture of historical, artistic, political and religious themes: from Milan the Imperial capital to the conversion of Constantine and the symbols of his triumph. It highlights the leading players of the age, the army and its weapons, the court and valuable artistic and luxury objects.

Focus of the intervention of Bracco Foundation is the section dedicated to Helena, mother of Constantine, Empress and Saint, which highlights the uniqueness of this female figure in the Imperial court and the history of the Church.

Powerful yet also charitable, she interpreted her social and political role in the best possible way, becoming the symbol of the female figure as a centre of balance.

A monograph, Helena in the shadow of power, published by Electa, was dedicated to this extraordinary woman by Bracco Foundation.


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