Business and Schools meeting for Expo 2015 live on Twitter #VivaioItalia

The meeting is live on Twitter on February 24 from 6 PM on the account @FondBracco HASHTAG #VivaioItalia 

Schools and business as a growth factor, a topical subject that is important especially in the year of Expo 2015

Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 has placed at the centre of its agenda the NURSERY: young people are the heirs to the main inheritance of the pavilion, a message of belonging and identity.

And so this year there had to be an appointment of “Bracco Foundation meets” dedicated to recounting some of the many initiatives being planned and organized for the school, such as the international competition launched by MIUR or the “Adopt a school for Expo 2015” by MIUR and Confindustria and naturally the Italy Pavilion Schools Nursery.

Speakers will be Ivan Lo Bello, education vice president of Confindustria, Giovanna Boda, director-general of the MIUR General Directorate for Students, Integration and Participation, and Diana Bracco, General Section Commissar for the Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 and Bracco Foundation president. The moderator will be Patrizia Galeazzo, Project Manager “Schools Nursery” for Italy Pavilion Expo 2015.

Leading players will be Schools and Business, which for the individual represent the method of grafting and flowering and growth in the land rich in opportunities that is Expo 2015.

Follow the meeting live on Twitter on February 24 from 6 PM on the account @FondBracco hashtag #VivaioItalia !


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