Birthday album 1813 – 2013 Teatro alla Scala Academy school of ballet

Monday, November 11, 2013 at La Scala at 17.30 will see the presentation of the book "Birthday Album 1813-2013 Teatro alla Scala Academy Ballet School", edited by Francesca Pedroni and produced with the contribution of Fondazione Bracco, as part of the multi-year partnership with the Academy.

The book, following  the exhibition of the same name hosted at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, tells the story of one of the most successful dance academies in the world.

The book recounts the “long two centuries of history” that have helped bring fame to the city of Milan, and brought about great evolution in teaching methods thanks to extraordinary teachers and to successful students, including Carla Fracci, Luciana Savignano, Roberto Bolle and Massimo Murru .

These are just some of the dancers described in the text, which is is full of historical essays and original contributions, that made and still make Teatro alla Scala Academy  Ballet School one of the most famous dance schools.

The book also pays tribute to the last two great Directors, dedicating a chapter to Anna Maria Prina, who directed the Academy for 32 years, and the current director Frédéric Olivieri.

As stated by Diana Bracco " The 200 years of the Teatro alla Scala Academy  Ballet School is a remarkable anniversary and deserved a celebration", and what better way to celebrate it than a journey through the memories of an institution that has made its mark on two centuries and we hope will do so for another 200 years.


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