“Beyond the margins”: a project for social inclusion in Baranzate

Bracco Foundation, Cesvi and La Rotonda are launching “Beyond the margins”, a project supporting social and economic inclusion and health safeguarding of vulnerable individuals in Baranzate, the Italian municipality with the highest concentration of resident immigrants.

“Beyond the margins” involves, in particular, the women, children and adolescents in the “Gorizia Village”, the quarter where the project will concentrate on two lines of action: support for finding jobs and the safeguarding of health. Baranzate is an ethnic laboratory: 30% of the total population is non-Italian and includes 72 different races. In 2015 it held the national record for foreign births.

The aim of the project is to improve the conditions of life of immigrants living in Baranzate by promoting an inclusive employment model – supporting women in their daily work, creating support services outside school and encouraging the creation of meeting places for women – and at the same time acting to meet the new health needs of the Municipality of Baranzate, providing paediatric assistance services, awareness and information.

Speakers at the presentation of the “Beyond the margins” project included, in addition to Diana Bracco, president of the Bracco Foundation and Giangi Milesi, president of Cesvi Onlus: Guido Lucarno, professor at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Eugenio Comincini, Metropolitan deputy mayor of Milan, don Paolo Steffano of the parish Sant’Arialdo in Baranzate, Gaela Bernini, head of scientific and social projects at the Bracco Foundation, Samantha Lentini, projects head of La Rotonda, and Anna Bolog of the dressmaker “Fiore all’Occhiello”. Moderator was Alessio Maurizi, journalist and host of the transmission “Si può fare” on Radio24.

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