Bellini’s restored Imago Pietatis on show

As part of the Foundation’s activities supporting the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, on the evening of February 18, 2013, guests will have the chance to visit the exhibition which, inspired by one of the most important works in the museum, the recently restored Imago Pietatis by Giovanni Bellini, examines the formal evolution of the iconography of Piety in the artistic works of Bellini between 1450 and 1470 through for extraordinary masterpieces by the artist portraying the subject, housed in the Milanese museum, in the Bergamo Accademia Carrara, in the Venice Museo Correr and in the Museo della Città di Rimini.

The restoration of the Imago Pietatis in the Poldi Pezzoli offered the opportunity for a careful study of the preparatory drawing and the pictorial techniques of the masterpiece: guides will accompany visitors round the exhibition to recount not just the subject and the historical and artistic context of the painting but also the details of the executional technique of a Bellini who was still very young but nevertheless already able to profoundly renew, in a humanistic and Renaissance sense, the theme of Piety.

A video will present the painting to the public from the point of view of materials and techniques, allowing visitors to “enter” into the painting thanks to the investigations carried out during the restoration.


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