Beyond the margins – Experience and impact of a social project in Baranzate, Milan

Two years from the start of the project “Beyond the margins”, the work of La Rotonda – which continues, in parallel, to guarantee food support and housing as well as organising events in favour of integration – has been chosen by Bracco Foundation as a case study, the subject of integrated research.

Angiolo D’Andrea 1880-1942. The rediscovery of a maestro of symbolism and the 20th century

Text by Luciano Caramel, Kevin McManus, Stefano Aloisi. The book, which accompanied the rich Milanese retrospective organised by Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, rediscovers the artistic activity of Angiolo D’Andrea (1880-1942), a maestro originally from Friuli but Milanese by adoption.

Helena. In the shadow of power

Bracco Foundation, as part of the project of the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D., created by the Milan Diocesan Museum and with Bracco Foundation as Main Partner, focused its intervention on the charismatic and contemporary figure of St Helena, mother of Constantine, to whom was dedicated not only a room in the layout of the Milan Constantine 313 A.D. exhibition but also a monograph, “Helena. In the shadow of power”, published by Electa.

Venetian vedutism: a new vision

racco Foundation was official sponsor of the exhibition “Venice, Canaletto and his rivals”, organised at the Washington National Gallery of Art from February 20th to May 30th 2011, which presented to the American public 20 paintings by Canaletto and 33 by his most important contemporaries, including Gaspare Vanvitelli, Luca Carlevarijs, Michele Marieschi, Bernardo Bellotto and Francesco Guardi.