Angiolo D’Andrea 1880-1942. The rediscovery of a maestro of symbolism and the 20th century

Text by Luciano Caramel, Kevin McManus, Stefano Aloisi. The book, which accompanied the rich Milanese retrospective organised by Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, rediscovers the artistic activity of Angiolo D’Andrea (1880-1942), a maestro originally from Friuli but Milanese by adoption.
A painter, first and foremost, but one open to the integration of arts and very interested in architecture, D’Andrea’s work was intense and wide ranging. The monograph documents it with 145 works, including paintings, drawings and architectural decoration from between 1900 and the 30s. These works are largely drawn from an important collection of paintings by the maestro, saved intact by Elio Bracco.