Bracco Foundation celebrates women

racco Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day with a festival of taste, melodies and good health, in a thematic and multidisciplinary approach designed to discover the beneficial properties of wine.
Prof. Fulvio Ursini, one of the internationally best-known Italian scientists in the biochemistry of ageing and oxidation stress phenomena, and also an expert on the medical and nutritional aspects of wine, tackles the theme of “wine and health” with particular attention to women.After the scientific discourse, an involving musical intermezzo: two students of the Academy of Lyric Opéra of the la Scala Theatre in a duet accompanied by the piano, celebrating wine and love in arias by maestros Giuseppe Verdi and Pietro Mascagni.The final stage was a real-life encounter with two of the best-known wines of Piedmont: Cortese and Barbera from the producer il Botolo, with a comment by Andrea Grignaffini, creative director of Spirito diVIno and consultant and teacher with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cooking.