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October 2023 - Volume

Overview 2022. Values and projects of Bracco Foundation

In the following pages you will find a bird’s eye view of the Bracco Foundation’s activities in 2022.

July 29, 2021 - Volume

#100esperte for B20 Italy 2021

On the occasion of the Italian presidency of the G20 and the B20 Women Empowerment initiative focused on enhancing the role of women in the economic sector,
the Bracco Foundation has created a special edition of the books related to the #100esperte project, presenting a series of interviews with the most representative women of Italian society.

20 June 2018 - Volume

Beyond the margins – Experience and impact of a social project in Baranzate, Milan

Two years from the start of the project "Beyond the margins", the work of La Rotonda – which continues, in parallel, to guarantee food support and housing as well as organising events in favour of integration – has been chosen by Bracco Foundation as a case study, the subject of integrated research.
01 February 2016 - Catalogue

Brochure progettoDiventerò

ProgettoDiventerò (I will become) is a multiyear initiative of the Bracco Foundation designed to follow talented young people in their training and professional iter, promoting innovating methods of consolidating the link between academic and working worlds.
29 January 2016 - Volume

A life between two worlds – Plinio Rossi and Attilia Burke

A life between two worlds” tells the story of Plinio Rossi, a pioneer of interventional radiology in America first and then in Italy, an outstanding figure not only among radiologists but in the medical community at large. The “two worlds” of the title refer to Italy and the United States, two interlacing realities in the life of this man.
31 December 2014 - Act

Spotlighting talent. 2014-2015 Edition

he booklet collects contents and protagonists of the 2014-2015 edition of "progettoDiventerò - Bracco Foundation for young people".
31 December 2014 - Ebook

E Book “Spotlighting talent. 2014-2015 Edition”

The booklet collects contents and protagonists of the 2014-2015 edition of "progettoDiventerò - Bracco Foundation for young people".
10 April 2013 - Volume

Constantine 313 A.D./ The Milan Edict and the age of tolerance

To celebrate the anniversary of the issuing in 313 A.D. of the “Milan Edict”, the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D. was held. It was conceived by the Milan Diocesan Museum, and Bracco Foundation was the Main Partner.
30 November 2012 - Act

The role of art and the environment in caring for hospital patients

BackgroundBracco Foundation has been running the “Culture and Health” project for some years now. It is aimed at evaluating the impact that cultural participation has on the perception of individual psychological well-being.
01 October 2012 - Volume

Angiolo D’Andrea 1880-1942. The rediscovery of a maestro of symbolism and the 20th century

Text by Luciano Caramel, Kevin McManus, Stefano Aloisi. The book, which accompanied the rich Milanese retrospective organised by Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, rediscovers the artistic activity of Angiolo D’Andrea (1880-1942), a maestro originally from Friuli but Milanese by adoption.