Constantine 313 A.D./ The Milan Edict and the age of tolerance

To celebrate the anniversary of the issuing in 313 A.D. of the “Milan Edict”, the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D. was held. It was conceived by the Milan Diocesan Museum, and Bracco Foundation was the Main Partner.
The Constantine 313 A.D. exhibition had its first natural site in Milan, in Palazzo Reale, where it was open from the end of October 2012 with a layout in six sections and more than 200 archaeological finds and works of art; from April to September 2013 it moved to the Roma Coliseum, with an additional section dedicated to the Eternal City.The richly illustrated catalogue represents the most up-to-date and pregnant synthesis on the subject with a graphic design that aims with its elegance to evoke the splendour of the age of Constantine. The clarity of the scientific texts means the catalogue is destined for a public wider than that of experts in the subject.