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[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/photographic-exhibition-colpo-di-scena-dalla-a-di-attrezzista-alla-s-di-scultrice/?category=arts"]
In progress

Photographic exhibition “Colpo di scena. Dalla A di attrezzista alla S di scultrice”

From 30 January to 30 June 2024, Centro Diagnostico Italiano is hosting at its premises at No. 20 Via Saint Bon in Milan) a photographic exhibition titled "Colpo di scena. Dalla A di attrezzista alla S di scultrice” (‘Plot Twist: From A for Artisan toolmaker to S for sculptress’) (free entry) created and promoted by the Bracco Foundation in collaboration with Accademia Teatro alla Scala.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/exhibition-piero-della-francesca-the-augustinian-polyptych-reunited/?category=arts"]

Exhibition “Piero della Francesca. The Augustinian Polyptych reunited”

In a unique and unrepeatable exhibition, at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan, with the support of Fondazione Bracco as Main Partner, a masterpiece by Piero della Francesca (1412-1492): the Augustinian Polyptych will be presented-for the first time in history, after 555 years since its creation.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/a-masterpiece-for-milan-2023-stories-of-the-infancy-of-christ-by-fra-angelico/?category=arts"]

“A Masterpiece for Milan” 2023 | Stories of the Infancy of Christ by Fra Angelico

The Bracco Foundation is renewing its partnership with the Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum on the occasion of the opening of "Un Capolavoro per Milano” [A Masterpiece for Milan], an annual public showing in Milan of a work of art of universal significance.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/photographic-exhibition-straordinarie-protagoniste-del-presente/?category=arts"]

Photographic exhibition “Straordinarie. Protagoniste del presente”

The photographic exhibition "Straordinarie. Protagoniste del presente" (13 September - 6 October 2023 | MAXXI Museum, Rome) presents more than one hundred portraits and voices of Italian women testify how they assert themselves and realise their ambitions despite and beyond prejudice and discrimination.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/ritratte-donne-di-arte-e-di-scienza-portraits-of-women-of-art-and-science/?category=arts"]
In progress

Ritratte. Donne di arte e di scienza [Portrayed. Women of Art and Science]

Fondazione Bracco is supporting an exhibition (free admission) in Rome from 13 July to 10 September 2023 at the Carlo Bilotti Museum with the title Ritratte. Donne di arte e di scienza (Portrayed. Women of Art and Science). The exhibition celebrates the faces, careers and talents of Italian women who have become leading lights in the worlds of science and culture. Promoted by Roma Capitale, Department of Culture and the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali [the Office for the Preservation and Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Rome],  it is curated by the Foundation, Arthemisia and Zetema Progetto Cultura, a museum services company owned by the city council.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/mind-the-stem-gap-together-a-manifesto-exhibition-to-counter-gender-stereotyping/?category=arts"]
In progress

Mind the STEM Gap – Together: A manifesto exhibition to counter gender stereotyping

Mind the STEM Gap - Together (30 June - 29 October 2023 at CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano, No 20 Via Sant Bon, Milan) is an exhibition of works produced by 150 students of both sexes participating in the “Mind the STEM Gap” Manifesto, an initiative run by Fondazione Bracco to encourage girls and women to transcend sexist stereotypes by entering and prospering in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/donne-e-motori-at-cdi-a-project-against-stereotypes/?category=science-&-social"]
In progress

“Donne e Motori” at CDI: a project against stereotypes

Centro Diagnostico Italiano (diagnostics centre) on Via Saint Bon is hosting an exhibition titled Donne e motori? Gioie e basta’ [Women and motors? Joy and nothing else]

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/the-photography-exhibition-portrayed-women-directors-of-italian-museums-2/?category=arts"]

The photography exhibition “Portrayed. Women directors of Italian museums”

The photography exhibition “Portrayed. Women directors of Italian museums” presents profiles and stories of the women experts managing some of the most important Italian cultural places.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/titian-and-the-image-of-women-in-16th-century-venice/?category=arts"]

Titian and the image of women in 16th century Venice

Palazzo Reale, Milan opens 2022 with the great exhibition, supported by Bracco Foundation as Main Partner, dedicated to the image of women in the 16th century in the painting of the great maestro Titian and his famous contemporaries including Giorgione, Lotto, Palma il Vecchio, Veronese and Tintoretto, from February 23 to June 5, 2022.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/cycle-of-exhibitions-at-the-centro-diagnostico-italiano-2017-2/?category=arts"]

Cycle of exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano – 2017

In 2017 Bracco Foundation, in collaboration with CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano, is organising two exhibitions in the Milan clinic which has long been also a place for exhibitions.