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[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/webinars-for-students-and-teachers-from-100esperte/?category=science-&-social"]

Webinars for students and teachers from 100esperte

The Bracco Foundation and DeAScuola, in collaboration with the "100 women against stereotypes" project (#100esperte), have arranged a new multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral training course consisting of three webinars for teachers and one for students from junior and senior secondary schools.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/the-straordinarie-exhibition-in-milan/?category=science-&-social"]

The Straordinarie exhibition in Milan

After its success at the MAXXI in Rome, the Straordinarie exhibition travels to the Fabbrica del Vapore museum of Milan where it will run from 14 February to 17 March 2024 (entrance free of charge).

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/100women-sports-experts/?category=science-&-social"]

100women sports experts

100 donne contro gli stereotipi (“100 women against stereotypes”) is a project for giving voice and visibility to women experts in their field. In partnership with Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, the project has expanded its scope into the world of women in sport and, on 5 May last at the Allianz auditorium, organizers presented “#100esperte per lo sport,” a list of 100 women experts in sports and related fields.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/donne-e-motori-at-cdi-a-project-against-stereotypes/?category=science-&-social"]
In progress

“Donne e Motori” at CDI: a project against stereotypes

Centro Diagnostico Italiano (diagnostics centre) on Via Saint Bon is hosting an exhibition titled Donne e motori? Gioie e basta’ [Women and motors? Joy and nothing else]

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/lessons-from-100-women-with-stem-expertise/?category=science-&-social"]
In progress

Lessons from 100 women with STEM expertise

“Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola” is a project whose name refers to a series of webinars for schools and schoolchildren featuring, as guest speakers, 100 women with STEM expertise. It is funded by Fondazione Bracco and Deascuola (a textbook publisher) and is aimed at teachers, primary school pupils and secondary school students.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/mind-the-stem-gap-a-roblox-jukebox-the-installation-to-overcome-gender-disparity-in-science/?category=science-&-social"]

“Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox”: the installation to overcome gender disparity in science

After unveiling the “Mind the STEM Gap” Manifesto in February 2022 at Expo 2020 in Dubai, Fondazione Bracco continues its commitment to young women’s access to science with its “Mind The STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox” installation (Triennale Milano, 1 July - 31 October 2022), in dialogue with the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exposition Unknown Unknowns – An Introduction to Mysteries..

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/second-fondazione-bracco-incontra-bracco-meets-event-takes-place/?category=science-&-social"]

Second “Fondazione Bracco Incontra” (‘Bracco meets’) event takes place

Four meetings are being held with reference to the forthcoming theme of discussion at Expo Milano 2015, namely "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” This is the common thread of discussion running through the events organized in connection with the 2013 edition of "Fondazione Bracco Incontra".

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/10-voices-for-10-years-bracco-foundations-choral-narrative-recounts-art-and-science/?category=arts"]

10 voices for 10 years: Bracco Foundation’s choral narrative recounts art and science

For its 10th anniversary Bracco Foundation presented “10 voices for 10 years: words that impact”, a choral narration made up of 10 video messages by personalities from the worlds of science, the arts and civil society to share the values and commitment of Bracco Foundation.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/what-role-can-corporate-foundations-play-in-the-covid-19-era/?category=science-&-social"]

What role can corporate foundations play in the Covid-19 era?

Fondazione Bracco and Percorsi di secondo welfare are sponsoring a round of discussions on how they and similar philanthropic institutions should respond to the new challenges posed by the pandemic.

[TheChamp-Sharing url="https://www.fondazionebracco.com/en/progetti_/paperina-and-scientific-selection-a-cartoon-strip-to-tell-of-female-competences-2/?category=science-&-social"]

“Paperina and scientific selection”: a cartoon strip to tell of female competences

On  International Women’s Day Bracco Foundation presents the project in partnership with Panini Comics to recount to a younger public female science with a cartoon strip in the Italian weekly Topolino.