“Plot twist: Stories that you could never have imagined from women professionals”

The Bracco Foundation and Centro Diagnostico Italiano (CDI), in partnership with Accademia Teatro alla Scala, are sponsoring an event that, under the title “Colpo di Scena – Storie di professioniste che mai avreste immaginato” (‘Plot twist: Stories that you could never have imagined from women professionals’) explores the presence and the standing of women in the workforce.The event will look at the situation that obtains in less known fields such as sciences and the arts, medicine, and the world of the stage, and hear from women professionals who pursued careers in fields traditionally associated with men.

The evening will end with a visit to a photographic exhibition "Colpo di scena. Dalla A di attrezzista alla S di scultrice” (‘Plot Twist: From A for Artisan toolmaker to S for sculptress," on show at the head offices of CDI spaces until 30 June 2024 (entrance free of charge), which celebrates the creative skills of extraordinary women. (To find out more).

Coinciding with the month most closely focused on the gender gap, the event affords an occasion for a discussion of female empowerment, the challenging of stereotypes, and how to bring about the necessary cultural change.