International Symposium “Lifestyles. Health and culture: towards a new welfare”

In the current scenario in which healthy lifestyles, culture and the intelligent use of leisure time have assumed an increasing important role and value, our perception of our well-being depends on a large number of factors that do not relate only to material elements, but rather to aspects related to lifestyle, cultural participation and the time we dedicate to our bodies.

The concept of health is defined by the World Health Organization as something subjective and connected to individual well-being, and not just to the "presence or absence of pathologies". The dimensions of health thus become physical, emotional, psychological and social.

Bracco Foundation carried out epidemiological studies demonstrating that leisure activities have a direct effect on individual psychological well-being. The research, carried out in the Milan area, in cooperation with the Municipality, on about 1,000 citizens, focusing on the female universe, was presented in March during International Women's Day, and produced very interesting results.

The international symposium will host leading international experts in the sector with a multidisciplinary approach.