“The project “Culture and Health””



For children: a charter of health rights

Bracco Foundation is taking part in the Days of Health of the Municipality of Milan, an occasion dedicated to citizens to promote health culture now in its third edition.


International Symposium "The role of art and environment in caring for hospital patients"

How much can a visually, artistically and culturally stimulating environment influence our mood? How important is it if we are patients in hospital? Can we renew the conception of hospitals to improve therapy, revealing the interdependence between environment, illness and well-being?


International Symposium "Lifestyles. Health and culture: towards a new welfare"

In the current scenario in which healthy lifestyles, culture and the intelligent use of leisure time have assumed an increasing important role and value, our perception of our well-being depends on a large number of factors that do not relate only to material elements, but rather to aspects related to lifestyle, cultural participation and the time we dedicate to our bodies.


Women and psychological well-being: lifestyle, health and culture

In the context of the International Women’s Day, Bracco Foundation organised the conference "Women and psychological well-being: lifestyles, health and culture".