Venice: Canaletto and his rivals

Bracco Foundation was Main Sponsor of the exhibition “Venezia– Canaletto e i suoi rivali” (Venice: Canaletto and his rivals) at the Washington National Gallery of Art (February – May 2011).
The catalogue presents the works exhibited together with the profile of each artist: Canaletto, and his rivals, including Gaspare Vanvitelli, Luca Carlevarijs, Michele Marieschi, Bernando Bellotti, Francesco Guardi and many others. The exhibition layout was structured by “subject”: each of the most significant places in Venice – Piazza San Marco and its waterfront, the Canal Grande with the church of Santa Maria della Salute, etc. – Was presented in interpretations by the various artists, to underline their different and “unique” visions in the common intent to portray reality according to their own inclinations. To know more Click here

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