A tree Christmas to light Milan up again

Lighting Milan up again, its shopping thoroughfares and main roads also in suburban and external areas thanks to a project of great social and artistic value. The tree Christmas, a creative idea developed by Marco Balich and donated to the city by Bracco Foundation, aims to make Christmas festivities a moment of solidarity among the various souls of the city and of reciprocal support among its quarters, involving companies and non-profit organisations. This is the objective of the municipal administration for Christmas 2020.

The initiative was presented on September 22 at the Palazzo Reale to companies wishing to join in the project during an encounter with the participation of the mayor Giuseppe Sala, the councillor for tourism, sport and quality of life Roberta Guaineri, Diana Bracco, president of the Bracco Foundation and Marco Balich, creative director and chairman of Balich Worldwide Shows.

Milan chose to adopt the symbol of the tree to unite and recount a composite and inclusive city through the values of solidarity and welcome, sustainability and beauty. Trees not just in the centre but in every quarter; moments of solidarity centred on the gift, the true essence of Christmas; lights and colours in shopping streets also outside the centre; then music and multimedia spectacles.

This year more than ever the city will make Christmas a celebration for all, reuniting the charity associations that will be able to deliver gifts to all needy families. A chance also to incorporate in a network and make the most of the many social responsibility initiatives that already exist in all parts of the city, bringing them together in a unique, innovative and recognisable concept, all under the artistic direction of Marco Balich.

The creative trees will be the symbol of Christmas spread throughout the city. Different and unique, the trees can be installed by companies that have strong links with the city and want to see it reborn. Every tree represents the heart of its quarter.

The large tree in Piazza del Duomowill be the tree of gifts and will include all the energies and differences of the city represented by its 100 souls. The tree of gifts will be sustainable; by day green and luminous, as tradition wants, and as evening falls it will light up to give the Piazza a show of lights and sounds.

In such a difficult moment also for the arts, show business and the social life of the city, the tree Christmas will give an important signal of hope thanks to a Christmas tradition deeply rooted in the fabric of the city. In this situation Milan wants to show it is a united and responsible community that continues to construct its rebirth and plan for the future.

December 7, the feast of Saint Ambrose and with the consignment of the civic awards and the first night of the La Scala Theatre, will this year become the occasion for giving a sign of illumination in Milan which will start from Piazza Duomo and spread to all the quarters of the city.

Joy and faith can also be spread through art and beauty, bringing backlight and opening up new horizons and hopes guided by talent, intellect and a desire to dream.