2nd National Conference on suburbs: “Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres”

Bracco Foundation and the municipality of Palermo are promoting the second conference on suburbs: "Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres"on Friday, June 14th 2019 at the Santa Cecilia Theatre in Palermo.

After the work of the first National Conference on suburbs, held in Milan in 2018, the aim is to continue in a concrete way the reflection on urban realities: complex organisms with growing opportunities and risks, increasingly populated, places where great talents and profound fragilities converge.it is in fact crucial to share the results of the new paradigms tried out in urban centres and in particular in the suburbs, to guide with vision and competence that development that sees in the city its central particle.

How the day is structured


• Institutional contributions from Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo; Jana Lauffs, Municipality of Düsseldorf; Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy mayor of Milan and Diana Bracco, President of Bracco Foundation

• "Future urban culture" Angela Tecce, Director of the Suburbs Service DGAAP MiBAC
• "Art bonus as a lever for development" Carolina Botti, Director of the public-private relations division and finance projects of Ales S.p.A. Arte Lavoro e Servizi

• 1. Business and no-profit, a pact for the territories
• 2. Lack of child education in urban areas
• 3. Tourism, infrastructures and sustainability as activators of development
• 4. Art as strength and a regenerating experience
The sessions explore the topics in depth through the confrontation between a steering intervention and two concrete cases, with final debates with the public.


• IDEAS AND REFLECTIONS from the partners
• CONCLUSIONS by Diana Bracco, President Bracco Foundation and Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo