10 voices for 10 years: the video message from Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, scientists Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi, part of the #100esperte databank and stars of the cartoon strip “Paperina and scientific selection”,

will tell of their work with robots and polymers, bringing an important message to girls of today and yesterday.

Barbara e Luisa, respectively ordinary professors of Computer Engineering at the Turin Polytechnic and of Chemistry at the University of Bari, together with their alter egos from Paperopolis Barb Quackut e Luoise Torduck, are part of an oration that centres on female competences, the product of synergy between Bracco Foundation and the weekly Topolino. The aim is to suggest role models to the younger generations and so promote female scientific vocations.

The video of the two scientists is part of “10 voices for 10 years: words that leave their mark”, a choral narration which, on the 10th anniversary of Bracco Foundation, will offer each month, from February to December 2020, a video starring a personality from the world of science, arts and civil society on the key themes of our activity.

Watch the VIDEO below


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