10 voices for 10 years: Bracco Foundation’s choral narrative recounts art and science

For its 10th anniversary Bracco Foundation presented “10 voices for 10 years: words that impact”, a choral narration made up of 10 video messages by personalities from the worlds of science, the arts and civil society to share the values and commitment of Bracco Foundation.


Project for the digitisation of the historical archive Snia Viscosa in Friuli

Torviscosa is an example of positive osmosis between industry, the local area and the environment, where 14 years ago the Bracco Group recovered a part of the historic industrial site of SNIA Viscosa dating back to the 1930s in order to house SPIN, one of its most technologically sophisticated production facilities.


First monographic exhibition of the painter Angiolo D’Andrea

The exhibition “Angiolo D’Andrea. Rediscovery of a Master of Symbolism and Twentieth Century”, with more than one hundred and forty works, including paintings, drawings and decorations, aims to present a portrait and the work of a too little known artist, a protagonist of the vibrant artistic period of the early decades of the twentieth century.


Monographic exhibition of the painter Angiolo D’Andrea

The important exhibition “Angiolo D’Andrea. Rediscovering a maestro of symbolism and the 20th century”, moves to Pordenone for its second edition, promoted by the Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Pordenone, with important updates and about a dozen new works not included in the first exhibition in Milan in 2012.