“Una vita da scienziata” [Life as a scientist] exhibit opens in Pavia

Contributing to the activities contemplated by the Pavia Capital of Business Culture project, the Bracco Foundation has joined forces with Assolombarda for the Steamiamoci project that includes a photography show titled “Life as a Scientist” (running from 22 September to 30 November 2023 at the Collegio Santa Caterina da Siena).This Pavia version of the show, an original idea of the Bracco Foundation and consisting of photographic portraits taken by Gerald Bruneau, celebrates women scientists from Lombardy. The portraits include biologists, chemists, pharmacologists, engineers, astrophysicists, mathematicians, surgeons, palaeontologists and computer scientists.
Gerald Bruneau's marvellous photographs feature 20 great female scientists from Lombardy, many of whom are also included in the project "100 women against stereotypes" (#100experts), created by the Osservatorio di Pavia and Associazione Gi.U.Li.A. and developed with the Bracco Foundation with the support of the European Commission Representation in Italy.

A recent survey by Terre des Hommes and OneDay Group of more than 2,000 adolescent girls aged 14 to 26 found that over half of the respondents (53.96%) still feel that their career futures are constrained by gender stereotypes and a legacy of discriminatory attitudes.

Girls visiting the show can draw particular inspiration from the life stories of the following women: Maria Pia Abbracchio, pharmacologist; Ariela Benigni, biologist; Chiara Casarotti, engineer; Patrizia Caraveo, astrophysicist; Elisabetta Dejana, biologist; Elisabetta Erba, palaeontologist; Paola Fermo, chemist; Elena Ferrari, IT scientist; Caterina La Porta, biologist; Mirella Mastretti, IT scientist; Cristina Messa, medical doctor; Paola Mosconi, biologist; Barbara Caputo, IT scientist; Silvia Giuliana Priori, cardiologist; Manuela Teresa Raimondi, engineer; Maria Grazia Speranza, mathematician; Giulia Grancini, physicist; Valentina Bambini, linguist; Simonetta Di Pippo, economist; Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta, astrophysicist.

“Life as a Scientist” is an exhibition first set up in 2019, since when it has gone on tour to more than 15 places in Italy and abroad.