Two letters hand written by Garibaldi for the 150th anniversary of italian unification

Two unpublished letters hand written by Giuseppe Garibaldi dated March 3, 1861, addressed to the workers of Milan, are preserved in the Bracco Historical Archive. Bracco Foundation is presenting these important documents to the city on the occasion of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification.

The letters, addressed “to the workers of Milan”, as the heading has it, and written by Garibaldi as “Honorary president of the Association”, forcefully transmit the most authentic spirit of the risorgimento, in the sharing of purposes that unites the Hero to the citizens of Milan on the eve of the unification of the country.

Bracco Foundation chose the Camera del Lavoro, which was involved in organising a rich series of exhibitions on the topic “Work in the 150 years of Italy”, as the best setting for revealing these historical documents, read in the presence of CGIL Secretary Onorio Rosati.

An elegant reproduction of the letters was presented to participants.

The letters will also be on show in the exhibition “The Young Rebels of ‘48” which will be inaugurated on March 20 at the Palazzo Reale by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napoletano.


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