Theatrical show “Sebben che siam donne” for the hundred and 150th anniversary of Italian unification

The show, written by Magda Poli and directed by Federica Santambrogio, traces the story of female emancipation in Lombardy, offering portraits of the protagonists of the period: patria its, philanthropists, emancipationists, partisans, the women of the reconstruction and the economic miracle.

The story is inspired by the profound political, economic and social changes that affected the 20th-century, a “short” century that led to the affirmation of female identity. In a production full of the atmosphere of the time and suggestive memories, a dialogue/narration between different generations of women is developed.

It was staged at the Milan Museo del Risorgimento at the inauguration of the exhibition “United to Unite – women in Italy 1848 – 1914”. Sources for the text were historical, and the set design was based on in-depth research by the Milan Università degli Studi.


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