The winners of the vitamin C degree prize

Here are the names of the winners of the 5° prizes offered by Bracco Foundation, with the collaboration of FENAGIFAR and the Federazione Ordini Farmacisti Italiani, on the 80th anniversary of the discovery of vitamin C.

The prizes were presented during the convention “For 80 years we hold to the same principle. Vitamins C”, which celebrated the 80 years of Cebion, which since 1934 has been helping Italians against seasonal illnesses.

1. Francesca Ruzza, specialist degree in pharmacy, mark 104/110. Title: “Rosa canina L., Lycium barbarum L., Malpighia glabra L.: Important natural sources of vitamin C". 2. Luca Ferraro, single cycle master in pharmacy, mark 110/110. Title: “hydroxytyrosol and total polyphenols in EVO oils: evaluation of antioxidant activity”. 3. Paola Alessandra Praticò, single cycle master in pharmacy, mark: 100/110. Title: “Pharmacist, doctor, patient: the physiological role of food supplements. Transfers study of the awareness and distribution of supplements in pharmacies in the territory of the USL in Romagna”. 4. Veronica Marin, degree and pharmaceutical technologies. Mark: 110/110 e lode. Title: "Study of the nutraceutical properties of Silybin and its impact on an in vitro model of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease”.

All winners will become part of the Bracco Foundation Diventerò community and will receive their awards in the ceremony in which scholarships and prizes for 2015 will be presented.


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