Here are the winners of the 2015 scholarships from Bracco Foundation in collaboration with Bracco Imaging

December 9 saw the selection of the winners of the eight scholarships which, by tradition, Bracco Foundation, in collaboration with Bracco Imaging SpA, offers to university students living in the municipalities surrounding the company’s production site: Cesano Maderno, Ceriano Laghetto, Bovisio Masciago, Cogliate and Solaro.

The 23 applicants had various fields of study and excellent votes. From among them the commission, made up of representatives of the individual municipalities and of Bracco Foundation and Bracco Imaging, selected:

For the three-year humanities course:

Giulia Eleonora Gallo, Science of interlinguistic and intercultural mediation, Cesano Maderno

Ilaria Romano, Educational science, Cesano Maderno

Irene Borghesan, Training sciences, Solaro

For the three-year scientific course:

Manuel Tinto, Dentistry and dental prostheses, Cesano Maderno

Massimo Frigerio, Physics, Cesano Maderno

Chiara Bosisio, Obstetrics, Bovisio Masciago

For the two-year course:

Sarah Astuto, Pharmacy, Cogliate

Matteo Cavallotti, Industrial biotechnologies, Ceriano Laghetto

Congratulations to the winners and will be back in spring when the scholarships will be presented to the Bracco Foundation “Diventerò” 2015 students!


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