First monographic exhibition of painter Angiolo D’Andrea inaugurated at Palazzo Morando

Opening On November 2012 at Palazzo Morando, Milan, was the first exhibition dedicated to the artist Angiolo D'Andrea, a painter, graphic artist and engraver, who lived in Milan during his most productive period, leaving to the city masterpieces that have become part of its heritage.

Palazzo Morando hosted an exhibition with more than one hundred and forty works including paintings, drawings and decorations, bringing back a portrait and the work of a little known artist, who was also the protagonist of the vibrant artistic season of the early decades of the twentieth century.

Bracco Foundation and the City of Milan invite you to discover the city on a journey through Italian pictorial seasons and historical events, ranging from symbolic subjects to the spirituality of natural world, then focusing on painful snapshots of the Great War and ending with a passionate and conflicting tribute to the female figure, from eros to maternity.


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