Concert by the young pianist Antonio Alessandri at the Milan Conservatory

On Saturday 6 April, at 8.30 pm in Sala Puccini, a hall in the Conservatorio Verdi [Verdi Conservatory] of Milan, pianist Antonio Alessandri will be giving a recital. Alessandri, who has just turned eighteen, is the winner of the "Diventerò” special prize that the Bracco Foundation awards to exceptional young talents. He received his prize in October 2023 at the 33rd edition of the Ettore Pozzoli Piano Competition, in which he was the youngest finalist.

Antonio, born in Milan in 2006, studies at the G. Verdi Conservatory under Davide Cabassi. From childhood he has been winning national and international competitions, including the Steinway prize in Hamburg, and has already played with several orchestras, with one of which, I Pomeriggi Musicali, he has been playing as an accompanist for two seasons. He is currently studying at the Vienna Academy of Music.

The programme includes a full performance of the S.Rachmaninov’s Etudes Tableaux op. 33 by and Etudes op. 10 by F. Chopin.

The award is part of the Bracco Foundation's Diventerò [‘I will become’] project that nurtures the development of gifted young people in the arts and sciences.