The second edition of the “Science hour” Call, an inclusive teaching project for secondary schools

After the success of the first edition, Bracco foundation is relaunching as part of “Bracco for schools” the “Science hour!” Teaching project, an initiative aimed at teachers and students of middle and upper schools in Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont to bring more science into society, starting from schools.

The tree Christmas

The tree Christmas, a creative idea developed by Marco Balich and donated to the city of Milan by Bracco Foundation, brings during the Christmas festivities a moment of solidarity among the various souls of the city and of reciprocal support between quarters, involving companies and non-profit organisations.


Knowing and preventing, the best way of loving: a project for schools

To combat the growing spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD), due above all to disinformation, Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the CDI – Centro Diagnostico Italiano is starting in 2019 a prevention project in the city of Milan aimed at secondary schools, to encourage the adoption of responsible behaviour.