“Le Signore dell’Arte” exhibition

With the exhibition “Le Signore dell’Arte. Storie di donne tra ’500 e ’600’” (The Ladies of Art. Stories of women between 1500 and 1600) Milan Palazzo Reale, from March 2021, the art and the incredible lives of 34 female artists are rediscovered through more than 130 works, demonstrating intense all-female creative vitality, in a singular account of passionate stories of women who were already “modern”. Bracco Foundation, always attentive to the world of art and science with a strong focus on the female universe, supports the exhibition as Main Sponsor.


Kiriku – At inclusion school project in Baranzate

Baranzate is a peculiar town with distinctive elements in the make up of its social fabric: it is the Italian town with the second highest concentration of resident immigrants (33% of the 11,000 population) representing 72 nationalities, concentrated in the Gorizia quarter. In this stratified social context there are some significant shortcomings in resources and services, which help make it a difficult suburban territory. Baranzate has an urgent need for integrated interventions to guarantee the younger part of the population access to resources useful for growth. Consider that 36% of families with children under six have one or more factors of social vulnerability, 40 families among those using services for infancy are in relative poverty and six are in absolute poverty.


100 women against stereotypes: an instrument for allowing experts to speak, starting from science

The Platform of Action with which the UN fourth world Congress on women in Peking in 1995 ended recognised the Women and Media area as one of the 12 strategic sectors for improving the condition of women and the progress of equal opportunity. But, 20 years on, national and international research shows that we are still a long way from the Peking objectives.


Six meetings on maternity from the joint perspective of art and science

On January 21, 2015 begins the cycle of meetings “Giving birth with art, the art of giving birth”, dedicated to pregnant and other women. This multidisciplinary project is on the subject of culture and health, which has always been an area of attention and intervention for Bracco Foundation, scientific partner of the initiative.