#100esperte for the global digital project “A Brief History of Vaccination”

Bracco Foundation is taking part in the global digital project A Brief History of Vaccination, promoted by Google Art and Culture for World Immunization Week 2022 (24 – 30 April 2022), which aims to build awareness of the role of vaccines in combatting potentially deadly diseases, of the importance of science and of the contribution of communities in overcoming pandemics.

The Fondazione Bracco “Mind the STEM Gap” Manifesto launched for the final Dialague B20-G20 on women empowerment

The European Night of Researchers saw the final encounter of the Special Initiative on Women’s Empowerment (SIWE) promoted by the B20 and presided by Diana Bracco. Here was launched the Fondazione Bracco “Mind the STEM Gap” Manifesto, aimed at supporting female access to science, overcoming gender stereotypes.

A tree Christmas to light Milan up again

Lighting Milan up again, its shopping thoroughfares and main roads also in suburban and external areas thanks to a project of great social and artistic value. The tree Christmas, a creative idea developed by Marco Balich and donated to the city by Bracco Foundation, aims to make Christmas festivities a moment of solidarity among the various souls of the city and of reciprocal support among its quarters, involving companies and non-profit organisations. This is the objective of the municipal administration for Christmas 2020.

#10 voices for 10 years: the inaugural video message from Ersilia Vaudo of the European Space Agency

On the World day of women and girls in science, Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency and part of the #100esperte network, explains how science is able to give us superpowers and how it is crucial, today more than ever, to understand mathematics, the language of the universe. 

Photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”

The photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”, created and mounted by Bracco Foundation, CDI – Centro Diagnostico Italiano and La Scala Theatre Academy and open in Milan from July 9 to December 31, 2019 is dedicated to the meeting between the city of Milan and the genius of Leonardo on the 500th anniversary of his death. Inauguration: July 9, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the CDI – Centro Diagnostico Italiano (via Saint Bon 20, Milan).