The tree Christmas

The tree Christmas, a creative idea developed by Marco Balich and donated to the city of Milan by Bracco Foundation, brings during the Christmas festivities a moment of solidarity among the various souls of the city and of reciprocal support between quarters, involving companies and non-profit organisations.


InOltre: a space for inclusion and care, a place for social entrepreneurism in the suburbs

The InOltre project has created a new “centre” in the city of Baranzate, dedicated to culture, services and social entrepreneurism. To sustain a new growth phase, in which the community plays a leading part and creates its own past the change, and project beyond the boundaries of the quarter a model of regeneration based on welcome, solidarity and a multicultural nature.


Kiriku – At inclusion school project in Baranzate

Baranzate is a peculiar town with distinctive elements in the make up of its social fabric: it is the Italian town with the second highest concentration of resident immigrants (33% of the 11,000 population) representing 72 nationalities, concentrated in the Gorizia quarter. In this stratified social context there are some significant shortcomings in resources and services, which help make it a difficult suburban territory. Baranzate has an urgent need for integrated interventions to guarantee the younger part of the population access to resources useful for growth. Consider that 36% of families with children under six have one or more factors of social vulnerability, 40 families among those using services for infancy are in relative poverty and six are in absolute poverty.