The tree Christmas

The tree Christmas, a creative idea developed by Marco Balich and donated to the city of Milan by Bracco Foundation, brings during the Christmas festivities a moment of solidarity among the various souls of the city and of reciprocal support between quarters, involving companies and non-profit organisations.

10 voices for 10 years: Bracco Foundation’s choral narrative recounts art and science

For its 10th anniversary Bracco Foundation presented “10 voices for 10 years: words that impact”, a choral narration made up of 10 video messages by personalities from the worlds of science, the arts and civil society to share the values and commitment of Bracco Foundation.


InOltre: a space for inclusion and care, a place for social entrepreneurism in the suburbs

The InOltre project has created a new “centre” in the city of Baranzate, dedicated to culture, services and social entrepreneurism. To sustain a new growth phase, in which the community plays a leading part and creates its own past the change, and project beyond the boundaries of the quarter a model of regeneration based on welcome, solidarity and a multicultural nature.


Knowing and preventing, the best way of loving: a project for schools

To combat the growing spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD), due above all to disinformation, Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the CDI – Centro Diagnostico Italiano is starting in 2019 a prevention project in the city of Milan aimed at secondary schools, to encourage the adoption of responsible behaviour.