The second edition of the “Science hour” Call, an inclusive teaching project for secondary schools

After the success of the first edition, Bracco foundation is relaunching as part of “Bracco for schools” the “Science hour!” Teaching project, an initiative aimed at teachers and students of middle and upper schools in Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont to bring more science into society, starting from schools.

“Science Hour!” Inclusive teaching starting from the STEM

he Coronavirus epidemic has forced everyone to accept the importance of science. Schools of all kinds and levels are looking at science and research more closely than ever. Bracco Foundation offers them the “Science Hour!” project with teaching suggestions and observations from the #100esperte to offer schools stimuli and references that are reliable and certified.


Italienforum for the spread of Italian language and culture in Germany

As part of progettoDiventerò, Bracco Foundation began, in 2017, collaboration with the University of Konstanz in the Federal German Republic to spread knowledge of the Italian language and culture among university and secondary school students in the area bounded by the cities of Konstanz, Singen and Rudolfszell where the largest overseas production site of Bracco is housed.


Donne e scienza: il percorso di alternanza scuola lavoro “Una settimana da ricercatrice”

In Italia le ricercatrici donne sono soltanto il 35% secondo OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, una percentuale molto esigua anche se il trend è in crescita. Il progetto di alternanza scuola lavoro “Una settimana da ricercatrice”ideato nel 2016 da Fondazione Bracco in collaborazione con CusMiBio – Centro Università degli Studi di Milano e Assessorato Istruzione Formazione e Lavoro di Regione Lombardia si rivolge a giovani studentesse al quarto anno di Istituti Superiori e scuole professionali, facendo propri i sei punti del manifesto #Forwomeninscience.