The specific aim of the current Cookie Policy is to illustrate the types, the utilization modalities nevertheless to provide for indications as regard to actions to take in order to disable or delete the website’s cookies, if you will. You can find further information referring to our Privacy Policy.

This website’s cookies

The Site use “cookies” in order to ease and customize the users’ navigation experience; while surfing the Site, the user give his consent to the cookies’ use in compliance with the current Policy that has to be considered as an extinction of the already visualized synthetic banner that appear once the user connects to this Site’s homepage. The used cookies have been split into the two categories that the Commissioner specify with general Measure cd. Measure “Cookies” of May 18, 2014 of which follow the requirements in terms of information and need/modalities for the consent collection:

  • Technical cookies: they make a website work as well as allow the user’s navigation; without them, the user may not be able to correctly access the pages as well as utilize some of the services.
  • Cookies profiling: their task is to create user’s profiles due to send advertisement aligned with the preferences that the user has shown during the navigation.


We may classify both the “technical” and “profiling” cookies as:

  • “session” cookies, which get immediately deleted when the browser closes;
  • “persistent” cookies, which remain into the browser for a determined time period; we, for example, use them in order to recognize the device that connects to a site by facilitating the user’s authentication operations;
  • “own” cookies, they get directly generated and managed from the manager of the website the user are navigating;
  • “Third parties” cookies, they get generated and managed from a subject that is different from the manager of the website the user are navigating.


The Site do not utilizes cookies profiling, but only “technical” cookies and only with particular regard to the following typologies:

  • Own, sessions and persistent cookies that you need in order to continue the Site’s navigation, as well as internal security and system administration purposes;
  • Third parties cookies, persistent, that the Site utilizes in order to send statistical information to Google Analytics. Through this system, the Society can perform statistical analysis as regard to accesses/visits per day. We only utilizes cookies in order to exclusive pursue statistical purposes and they collect information in aggregated form. Through a cookies’ pair, one persistent and one of session ( they expires when the browser closes), Google Analytics also keep a register holding the starting and ending Site’s visiting time. You can stop Google from using cookies to detect Your data as well as the following processing by downloading and installing the browser’s plug-in a the following address: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=it
  • Facebook’s, Twitter’s and YouTube’s third parties cookies; you will not find this cookies on the Site and you will not have them sent on your terminal. Furthermore, they are not mandatory in order to perform the site’s navigation, but they only got activated when You access the related web page by clicking on the Facebook’s, Twitter’s and YouTube’s icon, i.e. by get access to their social sites. Please refer to them if you wish to have further information or disable their saving on your terminal.


The user may choose to which cookies he wants to give consent; if we are talking about third parties cookies, the user give or deny his consent directly to the cookie’s owner, to which the Controller mere refer. The user can disable the major part of the third party’s cookies that he find on the site by working on his own browser or by directly consult the managers’ site through the link in the table that follows. Please note that disabling the cookies may compromise the possibility to use the site and/or disallow the user from taking advantage of the full functionalities as well as the site's services.

Into the following table, we show a detail of the Site’s cookies. Beside every “third parties cookie”, we also report the link to the Privacy Policy of the subject who create and manage such cookies:






Own-cookies –persistent and of session

These cookies we need in order to allow the Site’s navigation as well as internal security and
system administration purposes and to memorize the language the user select.

The current document


Third parties – persistent

Cookies we need in order to perform Analytics’ services.


Facebook, Twitter e YouTube

Third parties – persistent

They allow You to visualize the multi-media contents




Flash Cookie

The Fondazione Bracco, in order to offer multi-media contents, uses (or may use) Adobe Flash Player. The major part of the computers have it installed by “default”. If you will utilize some of these contents, Google Analytics will memorize some additional data on the computer, also known as Flash cookies (or Local Share Object). Through flash cookies, the Controller is able to know the total number of times a specified audio/video file have been accessed as well as the number of people visualizing it until the end and how many people close it before the end instead. The Adobe’s website provides information on how to remove or disable Flash cookies for a specific domain as is Fondazione Bracco (see this URL http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/security ). We remember you that to narrow and/or delete this kind of flash cookies’ work may affect the available functionalities as regard to the applications that benefit of Flash technology.

We will install third parties’ cookies with user’s consent only. For this reason, when the user will access the site, he will visualize a dedicated banner informing that getting it closed or carrying on with the navigation by selecting any of the elements of the site or accessing another site’s area, the user give his consent to such cookies’ utilization.  We will keep tracked of the user’s possible consent; in this way, we will avoid to make him visualize the banner during subsequent site’s visits. Naturally the user is anytime free to freeze the cookies’ installation or to revoke his previously given consent. In order to know how to do it, please carefully read the third parties’ cookie policies following the instructions you will find on the following links.


How to disable cookies by browser’s configuration


· Select the upper right menu in the browser’s toolbar

  • Choose Settings
  • Select Show Advanced Settings

· Select Contents setting into the Privacy section

· Having the entry “Cookie”, modify the following settings depending of the desired action as regard the cookies’ manage: Allow the locally data’s saving

· Memorize local files until the browser’s closure only

  • Prevent the sites from setting the data
  • Stop third parties’ cookies and sites’ data
  • Manage same of the internet sites exceptions
  • All cookies and data of the sites

For further information, please visit dedicated Google’s page

Mozilla Firefox

· Select the upper right menu in the browser’s toolbar;

  • Choose Options;
  • Choose the Privacy section;

· Into the tracking section, select the dedicated button if you want to communicate your not to be tracked will to the sites

· Into the History section, select the option Utilizes personalized settings in the pull-down menu modify the following settings depending of the desired action as regard the cookies’ manage:?Accept cookies from sites (by selecting the dedicated button)

· Accept the third parties’ cookies (by selecting one of the following options in the pull-down menu: always, from visited sites or never)

· Preserves it for a determined period (by selecting one of the following options in the pull-down menu: until expiration, until Firefox’s closure or ask any time)

· In the History section again, select the button Show the cookies if you want to remove cookies from your computer.

For further information, please visit the Mozilla’s dedicated page

  • Internet Explorer
  • Select the instrument Button
  • Select Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy sheet

· Into the pull-down menu, select one of the following options update the following settings depending on the wished action as regard to the cookies’ management:?Stop all the cookies

  • High
  • Medium High
  • Media
  • Low
  • Accept all the cookies

· Select the “Sites” button if you want to specify to which websites it is always or never allow to use cookies, this inserting the website’s address into the label named “ Website’s Address” and select one of the button named “Stop” or “Allow”

For further information, please visit the Microsoft’s dedicated page


  • Start Safari
  • Click on Safari
  • Choose Preferences and then click on Privacy

· Into the “Stop Cookies” section specify the preferred cookies’ management modality.

· If you want to see which sites have stored the cookies click on Details

For further information, please visit the Apples’s dedicated page.


  • Start Opera

· From the upper left screen’s side menu select “Settings”

  • Select “Privacy & Security”

· Choose one of the following options on the “Cookie” section: allow the local data saving, Preserve local data until the browser ‘closing, Do not allow the sites to save data, Stop third parties’ cookies and sites’

· Selecting the button “All the cookies and the sites’ data”, you can remove all the cookies you have in your computer.

For further information, please visit the Opera’s dedicated page

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