Importance of value and responsible commitment

The Bracco Foundation is proud to have its roots embedded in the wealth of values firmly upheld by the Bracco family and company for 90 years, the primary value being that of corporate social responsibility. The core mission of the Foundation is to create, promote and propagate expressions of culture, art and science, as a way to improve quality of life and social cohesion. Particular attention is paid to the role of women and the young in the various aspects of life.


The Foundation

  • enhances Italy’s cultural, historical and artistic heritage at national and global levels;
  • promotes scientific culture and the safeguarding of health, with special attention to prevention for women;
  • supports education and professional training for young people;
  • develops welfare and solidarity initiatives in order to contribute to collective well-being and to stimulate environmental awareness.


A multidisciplinary approach and integration between forms of knowledge are important qualitative criteria in both the planning and selection of partnerships.
The Foundation fosters an innovative approach, measuring outcomes and impacts of its activities.


The Bracco Foundation is headed by the President, Diana Bracco, assisted by a Steering Board, a Management Committee and a Board of Auditors.

The foundation is based in Milan, in the historic Visconti Palace. The building also houses the “Teatrino”, the Foundation’s laboratory of ideas for the scientific and cultural sectors, which every year organizes cycles of meeting open to the city.

  • Arts and culture

    The main themes developed in the field of arts and culture are chosen with specific scientific/technological and educational content: for example in the figurative arts diagnostics applied to the study and renovation of works of art, the relationships between culture and well-being, the relationship between art and science. Particular attention is paid to musical culture, with support for leading musical institutions in Italy and abroad.

  • Science and social area

    In the science and social area, the Foundation promotes initiatives as a contribution to collective well-being, in which the culture of prevention is a priority topic for intervention.

    With operational projects, the aim is to bring added value to the community in terms of know-how and scientific contribution, in addition to the philanthropic benefit.

  • progettoDiventerò

    This is a multi-year initiative of Bracco Foundation to accompany young people of merit in their training and careers in various disciplines.

    Through participation in associations of business foundations and roundtables in the sector, we also promote business culture.

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