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From January 15 to June 30, 2019

Life as a scientist – Exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2019

The exhibition “Life as a scientist” presents the faces and the competences of some of the greatest Italian women scientists, protagonists of the “100 women against stereotypes” project that was created to highlight female expertise in sectors still perceived as male dominated.


Bracco Foundation in the great digital exhibition “Once upon a Try” by Google Arts & Culture

The great digital exhibition of Google Arts & Culture "Once upon a Try" breaks down geographical barriers and makes accessible important content globally. The exhibition unites the collections, accounts and knowledge of more than 110 institutions of 23 countries, united to reveal thousands of years of discoveries and the great minds behind them.


Cycle of exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano – 2017

In 2017 Bracco Foundation, in collaboration with CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano, is organising two exhibitions in the Milan clinic which has long been also a place for exhibitions.

29 Sep. 2017 - 28 Jan. 2018

“Inside Caravaggio” exhibition: the Bracco Group supports diagnostic tests on the artworks

The “Inside Caravaggio” exhibition is a unique exhibit that brings together 20 works by the master painter for the first time (from 28th September to 28th January 2018 at Palazzo Reale, Milan). For its 90th anniversary, the Bracco Group has contributed to the organisation of this cultural event by conducting diagnostic analyses on the works, which reveal the artist’s creative process.

From July 2 to October 31 2018

Cycle of exhibition at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2018- 2019: discovering Wasteland

Bracco Foundation is continuing also in 2018 with its cycle of exhibitions at CDI – Centro Diagnostico Italiano. This year the photographic exhibition, to be held from July 2nd to October 31st, entitled “Wasteland.The Garbage Patch State”, an artistic project created by architect and designer Maria Cristina Finucci, to make the general public aware of one of the most serious environmental emergencies of our time, plastic pollution in the seas.


Cycle of exhibitions at the Italian Diagnostic Centre - Year 2016

In 2016 Bracco Foundation and CDI - Italian Diagnostic Centre  organized two exhibitions dedicated to female universe, to its energy and creative vitality.

30th April 2016

Project for the digitisation of the historical archive Snia Viscosa in Friuli

Torviscosa is an example of positive osmosis between industry, the local area and the environment, where 14 years ago the Bracco Group recovered a part of the historic industrial site of SNIA Viscosa dating back to the 1930s in order to house SPIN, one of its most technologically sophisticated production facilities.

10th September 2016 - 29th January 2017

The exhibition "Janello Torriani. Renaissance genius" in Cremona

The exhibition "Janello Torriani. Renaissance genius", organised and promoted by the Municipality of Cremona in collaboration with the Arvedi Buschini Foundation, Unomedia, Fundacion Juanelo Turriano and supported by the Bracco Foundation, opens to the public from 10th September 2016 to 29th January 2017 at the Museum of the Violin in Cremona.


Cycle of exhibitions at the Italian Diagnostic Centre - Year 2015

The collaboration with the CDI - Italian Diagnostic Centre as part of the series of exhibitions performed with young artists and hosted by the clinic continues: in 2015 the project generated two exhibition itineraries.

31st July 2015 - 10th January 2016

Exhibition "Mito e Natura. Dalla Grecia a Pompei"

More than 200 Greek, Magna Graecia and Roman works: representing nature and man's impact on nature and the environment.

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