The Call for Ideas “Beyond the judgement”, launched by Bracco Foundation and USR Lazio and aimed at Italian students aged from 14 to 19, promotes the production of a digital presentation or video through class or group work representing the reflections, knowledge and emotions generated by the topics of the project "Artainment@School".

The competition is aimed at secondary educational institutes of the second grade taking part in the project A@S. The prizes for the entire class are: first place ebook reader, second place tickets for cultural experiences, third place books, publications and editorial products of the Foundation.

Aim of the competition was to present a creative and original synthesis through teamwork based on the study of the Universal Judgement by Michelangelo and of the Sistine Chapel, symbolic works of the Italian heritage, thanks to the active and experienced-based learning offered by the project.

The Jury, considering the quality of the work submitted and the points assigned, selected for winners, two of them on equal merit. The criteria for evaluation were efficacy and pertinence in the representation of the topic; creativity and originality of expression; laboratory work; capacity for synthesis and effective communications; multidiscipline and interdisciplinary character; overcoming of stereotypes.


1° placed: "Ingenius"

I.I.S “Via Tiburto 44”, Tivoli
Inter-class group, classical high school

2° placed (ex aequo): 

“Inside the judgement: judges and judged"

Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome
Class IV A scientific high school

“Tradition and renewal in art and the church yesterday and today” 

Liceo Classico E. Montale, Roma
Class V A

3° placed: "Michelangelo, precursor of the modern superheroes” 

Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome
Interclass group made up of class IV International high school and class IV classical high school


The Jury unanimously gave a special mention to the I.I.S. Carlo Urbani, Ostia for having taken part with many important entries to the competition and for the commitment that the Institute, through its students and teachers, showed in interpretative in the educational project proposed and expressing it with originality and creativity. 


  • The project

    The educational project Artainment@School

    Artainment@school is an educational project carried out by Artainment Worldwide Shows and Bracco Foundation, in accordance with the Lazio Regional Scholastic Office to publicise in schools a new method of publicising the artistic heritage. The project is developed in a dialogue with the show “Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the secrets of the Sistine Chapel”, which tells of one of the masterpieces of world art through the language of live theatre, exploiting emotion and involvement. The educational offer is multidisciplinary: historical, artistic, social and professional.

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