Diana Bracco at the press conference "15,800 notes for the Milan Duomo organ"

“As a Milanese I responded with enthusiasm to the appeal from Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo and the president Fedele Confalonieri, a friend who shares my true passion for music, and I hope that many citizens follow our example by supporting the fundraising campaign,” said Diana Bracco, president of the Bracco Foundation at the launch of the initiative.

"The maintenance of our cathedral is a continuous challenge, that needs everybody’s contribution. The relationship between my Family and music is very strong and heartfelt: our Group has supported innumerable initiatives supporting music over the years. We are a Sustaining Founder of La Scala Theatre, and we have special ties with another excellence of Milan that grows, La Scala Theatre Academy. So the project for giving a new voice to the Great Organ of the Duomo won us over immediately. Our Duomo and La Scala Theatre are the symbols of Milan, a heritage of Lombardy artistic and technical know-how.”

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