Bracco Foundation with Fondazione Italiana Accenture and UBI Banca presented the competition “Welfare what a business! Social start-ups serving the community” on June 8 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at Accenture, via M. Quadrio 17, Milan. 

The initiative sprang from a desire to promote community welfare, because the traditional system does not manage to cope with current complexity. A possible answer is to incentivate and promote social entrepreneurial ideas that spring from the territory, from a local dimension, and so become a vehicle of regeneration.

The promoters thus organised an encounter on the need to rethink the welfare system so as to face up to social, cultural and demographic changes in our times. The event saw the presentation of the “Welfare what a business!”  competition which aims to support the best community welfare projects.

The event programme


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