Containing and inspiring the creative site Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0 is a place with a long and fascinating history, a story that became the subject of an exhibition, housed in the space in the first week of opening: from 13th to 19th April 2015.

Let's get things in order. 

VIA FOLLI is a small street in the Lambrate district of Milan, squeezed between the River Lambro and the east ring road. It borders the residential nucleus around via Feltre, adjacent to the Lambro Park, one of the main green lungs of the city.

VIA FOLLI 50, since 1956, has been the historic address of Bracco, a chemical and pharmaceutical company, founded in 1927 in the same district of Milan, which, right from this facility of Lambrate, was launched on the international market, establishing itself as a group able to carry out research and innovation at the highest levels.

After relocating production to dedicated sites in Italy and other European countries and the United States, via Folli remained "the beating heart" of the Bracco Group until a few years ago, when the offices also moved to a new building more suitable to current needs, but not far away, in order to maintain the link with its birthplace. 

The space FOLLI 50.0 was created in 2015 in the historic factory and with Mostrami became an artistic, cultural and social site. The name Folli 50.0 expresses the historical identity of the place, at the same time highlighting an aspiration to the future and to innovation, a characteristic that has always characterised the history of Bracco. 


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