The photographic exhibition traces the peculiar history of the origin of the self-sufficient town-factory of Torviscosa and at the same time presents an exceptional historical, artistic and socio-anthropological heritage. The materials on display belong to the photographic archive of the SNIA Viscosa, collected since the early 1930s to document the activities of its factories and, in the particular case of Torviscosa, also the transformation of the small rural village of Torre di Zuino into the new and industrial "città della cellulosa" (city of cellulose). The most important subjects of the exhibition are the women and men, labourers and workers, who took part in this transformation, portrayed during their work or breaktimes, but also in the private and daily life. The photos were taken by well-known and revered photographers: Vincenzo Aragozzini, Studio Crimella of Milan, the Agenzia fotografica internazionale of Venice.

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