For this purpose, different activities to provide previously lacking health services were developed, and at the same time to promote a culture of healthcare especially in the migrant population who, because of the difficulty of access to information or due to cultural and religious differences, has little awareness of the health risks that surround them.

Paediatric help desk "I care" - in collaboration with the CDI

Since March 2016, a paediatrician from the CDI - Italian Diagnostic Centre, part of the Bracco Group, has been based at the healthcare help desk activated by the association La Rotonda at "La Porta della Salute" of Baranzate. The paediatric service is free and available once a week. In order to promote linguistic understanding and reduce cultural barriers between migrant mothers and the paediatrician, as part of the migrant mentoring initiative; a mediator, of Moroccan origin, is on hand to support the provision of basic health information. From March to July 2016 there were 111 visits to the paediatric help desk, most of which were made by foreign-born women.

Pap test and HPV test - in collaboration with the Sacco Hospital and the CDI - Italian Diagnostic Centre

The project provides the opportunity to carry out Pap tests and HPV tests free of charge, with the aim of providing women, particularly foreign and of Muslim faith, access to preventive controls with regard to the early detection of cervical cancer and prevention of the Papilloma Virus.

Cooking workshops for pregnant women - in collaboration with the Sacco Hospital

Awareness of the importance of good dietary choices for the health of pregnant women and their children and the risks associated with following a Western diet for immigrant women is one of the aspects of health promotion that the project aims to achieve. As a result, a series of meetings were set up to teach foreign mothers how to combine Italian foods to achieve balanced dishes that help with their children's growth; this initiative was deemed necessary following the detection of cases of malnutrition by the paediatrician.

Informational meetings to raise awareness - in collaboration with the Sacco Hospital

With the aim of expanding the awareness on the importance of prevention, two rounds of meetings have been established: the first, for the parents of the community belonging to the Parish of Sant'Arialdo, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of administering the vaccine against the Papilloma Virus, the second for adolescents selected by the association La Rotonda on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.


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