On the 15th of November 2013, as part of the XII Confindustria Week of Corporate Culture, the Bracco Foundation held the workshop "Corporate Foundations for young people: how to grow the nursery", with the participation of a number of foundations (Fondazione Italiana Accenture, the Carsana Foundation, the Cariplo Foundation, the Cologni Foundation for arts and crafts, the Allianz Foundation Umana Mente and the Sodalitas Foundation).

Corporate foundations, an increasing phenomenon in Italy, are committed with resources, ideas, creativity and practicality to give young people opportunities for growth, training and development. The workshop is designed to tell stories and experiences that have changed the daily lives of some young people and who, if placed in the system through the identification of critical success factors, can "grow the nursery". The workshop represented the starting point of reflection that sees eight corporate foundations working with a shared vision to assist young people.

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