Events / 25 September 2018

Preview: the analysis and restoration project of the 1793 Storioni violin

On Tuesday, September 25 at 11:30 AM in Milan, in the Palazzo Visconti Teatrino, was the preview presentation to the Milanese press and public of a collaborative project between Bracco Foundation, the municipality of Cremona and the Violin Museum.

Projects / 21 September 2018

The “Piccolo” Storioni violin gets a new lease of life with art, science and training

The “Piccolo” violin made by Lorenzo Storioni in 1793 is the subject of a complex and structured intervention with the acquisition, study, analysis, restoration and display to the public of a refined pearl of Cremona violin making, thanks to a partnership between Bracco Foundation, the municipality of Cremona and the Violin Museum as one of the activities co-ordinated by the Violin Making Cultural District.

Projects / 18 October 2016

100 women against stereotypes: an instrument for allowing experts to speak, starting from science

The Platform of Action with which the UN fourth world Congress on women in Peking in 1995 ended recognised the Women and Media area as one of the 12 strategic sectors for improving the condition of women and the progress of equal opportunity. But, 20 years on, national and international research shows that we are still a long way from the Peking objectives.

Projects / 10 October 2016

Project for the digitisation of the historical archive Snia Viscosa in Friuli

Torviscosa is an example of positive osmosis between industry, the local area and the environment, where 14 years ago the Bracco Group recovered a part of the historic industrial site of SNIA Viscosa dating back to the 1930s in order to house SPIN, one of its most technologically sophisticated production facilities.

News / 11 September 2015

A meeting at Expo on diet and sport: alimentary, Watson!

Can diet influence sports performance? Can we optimise performance while avoiding side effects? Do the various moments of sport required different dietary approaches? Bracco Foundation answered these and many other questions during the workshop “Alimentary Watson! Performance in sport and dance”, promoted in collaboration with La Scala Theatre Academy and with the patronage of the Ministry of Health.

News / 23 June 2015

Bracco Foundation celebrates its first five years of activity with a new brochure

 To celebrate the first five years of Bracco foundation we have produced an institutional brochure that illustrates the aims, activities, organisation, multi-year projects and all that was done between 2010 and 2015 divided by theme areas. It also presents each of our 2015 projects on loose sheets. The entire brochure is illustrated with beautiful images.

Events / 08 January 2015

“Giving birth with Art, the art of giving birth” meetings begin

On January 21, 2015 begins a cycle of meetings dedicated to the subject of maternity seen from the combined perspective of art and science.

The appointment is at the Gallerie d'Italia Museum for the opening meeting, entitled “Psyche and the maternal constellation. The first three months of pregnancy”.

Events / 21 September 2014

Iodine in pregnancy: with Lewis E. Braverman and Irene Cetin

Monday, October 6, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Teatrino Di Palazzo Visconti in Milan is an important appointment in the cycle Bracco Foundation Meets on the topic of prevention for women, entitled “Iodine, nutrition in pregnancy: a project for life”.