The “Leonardo and Madonna Litta” exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum

For the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the exhibition “Leonardo and Madonna Litta” (November 7, 2019 - February 10, 2020) at the Poldi Pezzoli museum in Milan brings back to the city after almost 30 years and Italian masterpiece preserved at the St Petersburg Hermitage Museum. The exhibition is organised with the support of Bracco Foundation as Main Partner, flanked by the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan.

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Science & social


Research into the physiognomy and role of Corporate Foundations in Italy

Bracco Foundation, Fondazione Sodalitas and the research laboratory "Percorsi di secondo welfare" have carried out research to map corporate foundations in Italy and reveal their main characteristics and operating methods. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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Felder Award: a call to bring back a young researcher to Italy

The Felder Award, launched by the Bracco Foundation on 25 February 2019, is an international call worth one million euros that has the aim of bringing back to Italy a talented young Italian researcher.

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News & Events

News / 14.11.2019

#BeautifulScience: the inspirational campaign celebrating science

#BeautifulScience is an inspirational video celebrating science, scientists, and the passion they have for their work.

Eventi / From July 9 to December 31, 2019

Photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”

The photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”, created and mounted by Bracco Foundation, CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano and La Scala Theatre Academy and open in Milan from July 9 to December 31, 2019 luglio al...

Eventi / 04.10.2019

Laying of the first stone of the InOltre Space

At midday on Friday, October 4, 2019 in Baranzate was the laying of the first stone of the InOltre Space, an old industrial building that will become, thanks to a collective enterprise, a place of cultural...

Eventi / June 19, 2019

The "Art from inside" science and cultural heritage project reaches Brazil

Bracco Foundation is taking part in the international symposium “On the management, conservation and development of the artistic and cultural heritage” organised by the Italian Culture Institute of Rio de Janeiro together...

Eventi / 14.06.2019

2nd National Conference on suburbs: "Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres"

Bracco Foundation and the municipality of Palermo are promoting the second conference on suburbs: "Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres"on Friday, June 14th 2019 at the Santa Cecilia Theatre in Palermo.
  • Useful information

    CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano

    Via Saint Bon 20, Milan


    Inauguration: July 9, 2019 at 6:30 PM

    Free entrance

  • The project

    Cycle of exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2019

    What was Milan like when Leonardo arrived there for the first time in 1483 from the Florentine court of the Medici? This demand shaped the course of the exhibition, which is developed in 12 stages, symbolic places of 15th century Milan, including the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Palazzo Borromeo, the crypt of the church of San Sepolcro and Ca’ Granda.

    A story told by the images of five young photographers who have just completed the course of stage photography and video at La Scala Academy in a dialogue with the accounts of the brilliant art historian M. Alessandra Filippi. The aim is to (re)discover with different eyes the city of Milan: with its heart is read of the bricks of its houses and blue was the multitude of watercourses it houses.

    The CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano will again host an exhibition stemming from collaboration between Bracco Foundation and La Scala Theatre Academy, United since 2011 in a partnership in the youth project “progettoDiventerò”.

    The cycle of exhibitions started in 2010 in collaboration with the CDI is renewed every year in the conviction, supported by scientific evidence, that exposure to art and culture contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of life, while a complementary objective is to develop growing talents.

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