Life as a scientist – Exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2019

The exhibition “Life as a scientist” presents the faces and the competences of some of the greatest Italian women scientists, protagonists of the “100 women against stereotypes” project that was created to highlight female expertise in sectors still perceived as male dominated.

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Research into the physiognomy and role of Corporate Foundations in Italy

Bracco Foundation, Fondazione Sodalitas and the research laboratory "Percorsi di secondo welfare" have carried out research to map corporate foundations in Italy and reveal their main characteristics and operating methods.

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Felder Award: a call to bring back a young researcher to Italy

The Felder Award, launched by the Bracco Foundation on 25 February 2019, is an international call worth one million euros that has the aim of bringing back to Italy a talented young Italian researcher.

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News & Events

Eventi / From July 9 to December 31, 2019

Photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”

The photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”, created and mounted by Bracco Foundation, CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano and La Scala Theatre Academy and open in Milan from July 9 to December 31, 2019 luglio al...

Eventi / June 19, 2019

The "Art from inside" science and cultural heritage project reaches Brazil

Bracco Foundation is taking part in the international symposium “On the management, conservation and development of the artistic and cultural heritage” organised by the Italian Culture Institute of Rio de Janeiro together...

Eventi / 14.06.2019

2nd National Conference on suburbs: "Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres"

Bracco Foundation and the municipality of Palermo are promoting the second conference on suburbs: "Ten, a hundred, a thousand centres"on Friday, June 14th 2019 at the Santa Cecilia Theatre in Palermo.

Eventi / 18.05.2019

"Diventerò in Italy, Diventerò in the world": the seventh edition of our project for the young

On Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the La Scala Theatre (Milan, Italy) was the seventh edition of the presentation of the prizes and scholarships of "progettoDiventerò- Bracco Foundation for the young”, both geographic and...

Eventi / 19.03.2019

Conference "Why Europe? The word goes to expert women"

The project #100esperte, launched in 2016 to promote voices and faces of the female expertise, opens in 2019 to the field of international politics in collaboration with ISPI.
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    June 19, 2019

    Itália Theater
    Italian Cultural Institute Rio de Janeiro



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    As part of its multidisciplinary commitment, Bracco Foundation is contributing to the prestige convention with the intervention by professor Rossella Vodret, art historian and former Superintendent of the Polo Museale Romano, in the session on “Museographical practices, restoration and innovative technologies serving the historic, artistic and cultural heritage” with art historians, institutions and experts taking part.

    In her talk, focusing on the work of Caravaggio, she will show how a scientific contribution makes it possible to discover important evidence in the technique and creative process of the artist, in and attributing a work and dating it.

    Radiography, reflectography and many other non-invasive diagnostic techniques, typically used in medical science, are in fact increasingly used in the study and restoration of works of art to bring masterpieces back to their original splendour and, at times, to discover under the layer of paint the changes of mind and secret techniques of the great Masters.

    Bracco Foundation has been involved for some time in the "Art from Inside" project which highlights the close relationship between science and the artistic heritage. Here, in addition to supporting several national and international exhibitions including, for example, in 2011 and exhibition on the Venetian landscape painters at the Washington National Gallery and in 2017 the “Inside Caravaggio” exhibition in Milan, it promoted in 2018 an important convention on the topic in Naples.

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