Life as a scientist – Exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2019

The exhibition “Life as a scientist” presents the faces and the competences of some of the greatest Italian women scientists, protagonists of the “100 women against stereotypes” project that was created to highlight female expertise in sectors still perceived as male dominated.

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100 women against stereotypes: an instrument for allowing experts to speak, starting from science

The Platform of Action with which the UN fourth world Congress on women in Peking in 1995 ended recognised the Women and Media area as one of the 12 strategic sectors for improving the condition of women and the progress of equal opportunity. But, 20 years on, national and international research shows that we are still a long way from the Peking objectives.

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Felder Award: a call to bring back a young researcher to Italy

The Felder Award, launched by the Bracco Foundation on 25 February 2019, is an international call worth one million euros that has the aim of bringing back to Italy a talented young Italian researcher.

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News & Events

Eventi / 19.03.2019

Conference "Why Europe? The word goes to expert women"

The project #100esperte, launched in 2016 to promote voices and faces of the female expertise, opens in 2019 to the field of international politics in collaboration with ISPI.

Eventi / 25 september 2018

Preview: the analysis and restoration project of the 1793 Storioni violin

On Tuesday, September 25 at 11:30 AM in Milan, in the Palazzo Visconti Teatrino, was the preview presentation to the Milanese press and public of a collaborative project between Bracco Foundation, the municipality of Cremona...

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Research to measure the role and impact of corporate foundations on society

Bracco Foundation in collaboration with Fondazione Sodalitas is launching a research project into corporate foundations carried out by Percorsi di secondo welfare. Corporate...

News / April 2019

The Embassy of Italy in Washington DC celebrates Italian research in the world with "Life as a...

On the occasion of the Italian Research Day in the World (April 9, 2019) the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. is hosting the photographic exhibition “Life as a Scientist” in cooperation with...

News / Aprile 2019

L'Ambasciata d'Italia a Washington DC celebra la ricerca italiana nel mondo con la mostra "Una...

In occasione della Giornata della Ricerca Italiana nel mondo (9 aprile 2019) l'Ambasciata d'Italia a Washington DC ospita la mostra fotografica "Una vita da scienziata" realizzata da Fondazione...
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    The last study in Italy of corporate foundations dates back almost a decade, and much has changed since then: corporate foundations have grown in number, central nature in the strategy of the company’s founding them, awareness of their role, innovative capacity, effectiveness in contributing widely to the quality of life of people and the well-being of the community. The recently started research aims to fill the gap in knowledge that has grown over the years, mapping the corporate foundations in Italy and painting an updated picture of a very dynamic sector.

    There will be a quantitative and qualitative phase. The questionnaire drawn up with some of the most important corporate foundations in Italy will study the main topics and dimensions: governance, relationship with the founding company, sectors of intervention and operating methods, future development strategies.
    The qualitative study will bring out the distinctive trait and the capacity for project innovation that support the commitment and objectives of these foundations: promoting culture and art, investing in training and research, integrating the welfare system, reinforcing cohesion and social inclusion to meet the great challenges of our times (youth unemployment, ageing population, equal opportunities for women, migration, poverty and social vulnerability).


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